David Palchak MD came to the Central Coast after completing a fellowship in oncology at the University of California at San Diego in 1992. He and his wife moved to Arroyo Grande in 1993 and have called the south county home since then.

During his medical training, Dr. Palchak came to believe that the only way to improve cancer treatments is through organized cancer research.   In 1994, in collaboration with UCSD and the CALGB (Cancer and Leukemia Group B), Dr. Palchak began the region’s first cancer research program for which he remains the Principal Investigator. The research program at PCR Oncology has evolved with that of the National Cancer Institute.  In March of 2015 Dr. Palchak became the first oncologist in the region to join the National Community Oncology Research Program.  Although PCR Oncology remains independent we can offer many of the same treatments available at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Palchak is also interested in end-of-life care.  He served as hospice medical director for 14 years before resigning to devote himself full-time to his medical oncology practice.  He prides himself on provision of expert hospice care in addition to state of the art cancer treatments.

Erick Hjortsvang MD is an alumni of the University of California, Santa Cruz and later completed medical school at St. George’s University of Medicine. He completed his internship and fellowship at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Hjortsvang is board certified in Medical Oncology, Hematology, and Internal Medicine. He’s come to PCR Oncology after eight years with Kaiser in Marin County, where he was on the hematology safety board, the oncology safety board, and ran the tumor board.

Dr. Hjortsvang enjoys working as a part of a team for the benefit of the patients. He is currently seeing Medicare patients and CenCal patients, and we are working on credentialling with Blue Cross as well.

It is the goal of PCR Oncology to present you with state of the art cancer treatments, ensure that you understand your options, and help you pick the treatment that is right for you. PCR Oncology is a leading provider of hematology and oncology services in San Luis Obispo County.

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